ad3Karibu saana!

Chakula-Tamu is a Swahili phrase meaning very delicious food. Swahili is the regional language spoken in the East African region which includes Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi.

Chakula-Tamu imports and retails East African food specialties. Food from every part of the world carries a uniqueness about it and for many of us, having access to our original food enriches our stay in Canada tremendously. East African food is grown organically and this gives it that fresh natural taste that has everybody who tastes hooked to it.

ad4What we have to offer.


The local name for this is “matooke”. This is the staple for many people in the region. After being peeled, It can be slowly simmered as a stew, mixed with beans, ground nuts, vegetables or meat. Alternatively, matooke is cooked and gently pressed into a mash and is eaten with fish, chicken, meat or vegetable curry.
Green cooking bananas


Sometimes referred as “lumonde” is also very popular in the region. This particular sweet potato is famous for its sweetness and comparatively harder and yet crumbly texture. These potatoes are cooked whole and may or may not be peeled. They are often served with any of the above mentioned curries. They can also be roasted or deep fried. Whatever you do with them, you’ll get great results!
Sweet potatoes


a very popular in the region. The maize floor from East Africa has a deliciously unique taste to it. It is cooked with water into a thick paste until it is solid. It is then served with any curry of your choice.
Maize floor


Small bananas that are eaten ripe. There is nothing quite like the taste of these bananas. I have tried many different types of these small bananas and I have to say that the ones from in East Africa is something definitely out of this world. They are often eaten as a snack or desert.
Apple bananas


They are a delicious vegetable that is often served as a side dish or used to enrich curries and sauces. They can be steamed, or lightly fried.
Garden eggs


sometimes called “masala” were originally introduced by Arabs when they first came to the East African coast hundreds of years ago. Since then they have taken on a life of their own and the region has now evolved its own style of spices that differentiate the East African aromas from any other.


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