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"Reggae Lane" Coming to York Eglinton

The lane is behind several Jamaican-owned businesses in the Eglinton Avenue West and Oakwood Avenue is scheduled to undergo an upgrade, revamp and name change this fall, City Councillor Josh Colle announced plans to re-name the laneway, Reggae Lane, in honour of the history, heritage and legacy of the neighbourhood.

“It is intended to set up murals where pictures of these artists would be there to be seen. Blurbs under their picture would be there for the younger folks to go and read about these people. That’s the essential idea. It’s going to be like a cultural park with an emphasis on reggae music from Jamaica as the Jamaicans contributed to this area,” says Arnold Rowe, vice chair of the York-Eglinton BIA.

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The Best Jamaican Patties in Toronto

York Eglinton Business made it to No. 1!  BlogTO Best Jamaican Patty in Toronto!

“The best Jamaican patties in Toronto must have all the right elements. The pastry shell must be light and flaky, but with enough substance to keep it all inside. The filling should be tender and moist; well-seasoned but not obtrusively so. And the flavour (though it goes without saying) should be top-notch. Whether inhaled on its own or sandwiched between some fresh, sweet coco bread, really good patties satiate your cravings for pastry and meat (or veggies) all in one. Enough so to go after the forlorn flakes when you’re done.

Randy’s has been delivering Patties for the People since 1979, and it seems said people still can’t get enough. The take-out shop at Eglinton and Oakwood offers four types of patties–Chicken, Veggie, Ackee & Codfish, and Beef–the latter for which I can certainly attest. Crispy, flaky pastry, juicy seasoned beef, and lots of flavour, all for $1.40 (or $2.50 for Ackee & Cod).”

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Gallery City on Space Channel

The installations may be gone, but Gallery City lives on! Inner Space, a tv show on the Space Channel, featured artist interviews including an interview with York-Eglinton BIA chair, Nick Alampi – you can watch it online here >

As you may know, Gallery City was conceived in partnership between the York-Eglinton BIA and Hogtown Mascots, under the artistic direction of John Kernaghan, to harness the talents of local artists in order to beautify the windows of neighbourhood storefronts that are currently vacant.

The 2014 project focused on winter-themed displays in some of the vacant storefront windows of the York-Eglinton business area. The property owners of these locations provided the spaces free of charge.

For more about York-Eglinton’s Gallery City and to see all the photos, visit the website here: