Request for Proposals – New Mural 


The York Eglinton BIA is accepting submissions for a wrap-around mural on the walls of the John Howard Society, 1669 Eglinton Ave West. This is an important institution in the community, striving to make it safer through the rehabilitation and reintegration of those who have been in conflict with the law.  It sits in the centre of the commercial main strip and is close to heavily-trafficked bus stops, schools and other institutions.

The final mural design will be a product of BIA guidelines, as well as based on the profile/background of the community, found below.

The total budget available for the project is $9,500 inclusive of artistic process, material and equipment.


Visually, the mural is intended to add a welcoming and vibrant mood to the main street. It should be an accessory that will attract explorers to Eglinton West. The mural should uplift the area visually and have a positive inclination, especially adding motivation to the marginalized. Finally, the mural should not only be striking, but should paint a picture that adequately represents this community.

About the Community

Eglinton West has always been a space where diversity thrives. A ‘settler’ community for over a century, it has welcomed migrant communities including Italians, Caribbean and more recently South American and Filipino communities. The area saw development when transit infrastructure was put in place. Many migrated to the area to work on these development projects. With these instances of mass migration, culture also thrives.

Eglinton West is perhaps best known as a community that gave birth to Reggae in Toronto in the 70’s and 80’s. It was the scene of many dancehall parties, celebrity hotspots, great deals on trendy clothing. Eglinton was always alive with activity, giving an opportunity for other aspects of culture to be displayed. It is known for its food. It is also known as a place where you will find large gatherings of barbers and hairdressers.

Though going through a transition with the construction of the LRT, the community clings to its culture. Murals, like those found in Reggae Lane, document and tell the story of the community’s culture. The community continues to show resilience, both in staying afloat economically, but also in preserving this culture, while remaining as a facilitator of diversity.

Site specifications

The mural location is 1669 Eglinton Ave West, on the South Eastern parts of the walls of John Howard Society. The mural should wrap from the south eastern part of the wall facing Eglinton Ave West, to the wall opposite the church. The entire area to be covered will be approximately 10 ft (W) by 25 ft (H).


  • Deliver the final product on time and within budget
  • Oversee the co-creation processes (participants to prime walls; give project assistance as needed)
  • Adhere to CoT policies and guidelines
  • Personal and workplace safety insurance, and adherence to safety standards
  • Purchase ad supply of all materials and hardware required
  • Maintain and clean up mural site during the painting of the mural
  • Regular communication with the BIA office during project period
  • Participate in public relations; launch initiatives
  • Maintain the mural for 5 years


  • Submit work plan within 1 week of appointment
  • Provide updated rendering
  • Procure all relevant tools, resources
  • Supervision of co-creation initiatives, including proper wall priming by participants
  • Completion of final wall mural
  • Provide colour codes in the event of future or significant updates required
  • Verathane coating for graffiti management, to be completed AFTER mural approval by City/stakeholders

Proposal requirements

  1. Letter of intent
  • demonstrate understanding of the neighbourhood
  • articulate interest and approach to the project
  • include artist contact information and bio. If it is a collaborative piece include all artists.
  1. Concept proposal
  • A written design concept for the mural that interprets the rendering, explaining the main themes identified, etc.
  1. Portfolio and resume. Be sure to include projects of similar size and scope.
  2. The maximum budget is $9,500. Please present a detailed breakdown of costs.

Selection process

Previous experience with murals of similar size and scope 20%
Artistic merit and qualifications 30%
Proposed concept 30%
Sound budget and proven track record of delivering on time 15%
Quality and clarity of proposal presentation 5%

The selection process may include an interview, at the discretion of the Board.


Project schedule

Deadline for Submissions: September 13, 2019

Artist Selection: September 17, 2019

Presentation of updated design based on feedback from Selection Panel: September 24, 2019

Mural Installation: September 30- October 7, 2019

Unveiling: mid- October TBD

Reproduction rights

The York Eglinton BIA will have irrevocable license to reproduce images of the artwork for promotional purposes.

How to apply

The final date for applications is: September 13, 2019

Applications should be submitted by email in 1 or 2 pdf file attachments.

(The Portfolio can be presented in a second file.)

Email with 2019 Mural Proposal_ Your name in the subject line.