York Eglinton BIA

Request for Proposals (RFP)

Street Mural Eglinton Ave West

and Glenholme Ave.

Deadline July 27, 2018


The York Eglinton BIA is accepting submissions for a mural on the west wall of 1661 Eglinton Ave West at the corner of Glenholme Ave.  The intersection is an entryway to the neighbourhood for the community to the south.  The wall faces Glenholme Avenue and is across the street from a Church and Public Elementary School.

The final mural design will be a product of BIA guidelines, inputs from community engagement and the artist’s inspiration.

The total budget available for the project is $5,000 inclusive of artistic process, material and equipment.


Visually, the mural is intended to create a welcoming and vibrant entry way to the main street.  The mural should uplift the area visually and have a positive inclination.  The process is as important as the product and the design process should engage the community.


Currently our community is undergoing major transformation as a result of LRT construction. The streetscape has been adversely affected and morale is low among businesses and local residents.

An art installation has the potential to uplift the community both visually and figuratively and creaet a  stronger link between the commercial main street and the neighbourhood.

Community and relationships develop through shared experiences.  In this case, art is both the medium and the result contributing to beautification and place-making.  Community engagement is an integral part of this process.

There are three proposed themes for the mural. The final selection will made through community consultation.

1. The neighbourhood over time. This theme brings together visions of the past, pulling in a modern look at how the neighbourhood will be transformed. It could form part of a conversation about land, land development, the industrial age and current uses.

2. A cultural presentation reflective of the diversity in our neighborhood could build on any of the cultures present. The story of our neighbourhood is diverse and the culture is evolving. Historically there have been distinct groups present which could be represented in a collaborative piece.  The cultural presentation could also feed into the style of the art instead of theme.

3. A nature theme picks up directly from the local geography the ridge, the highlands, Cedarvale to the east, the Belt Line to the north. A nature theme is particularity relevant as we come to terms with environmental sustainability and food security in big cities. Recently a community resident group was successful in having community garden infrastructure installed in a local park (four urban residential blocks away), which ads a nice synergy.

Community engagement will include business owners, property owners, local residents, patrons to the neighbourhood and community groups.

Site specifications

The mural location is1661 Eglinton Ave West at the corner of Glenholme Ave.

Glenholme Avenue is a key entryway into the neighbourhood coming from the south and is part of a school safety zone.

It is a two-story building.  The current business tenant of 1661 Eglinton Ave West is Wing Machine.  The back end of the property (painted white) is residential and is not currently included in the scope of work.

The area to be painted should form part of the design concept and therefor dimensions are not presented.


  • Deliver the final product on time and within budget
  • Participation in the community engagement process
  • Contribute to community engagement materials
  • Adhere to CoT policies and guidelines
  • Personal and workplace safety insurance, and adherence to safety standards
  • Purchase ad supply of all materials and hardware required
  • Maintain and clean up mural site during the painting of the mural
  • Regular communication with the BIA office during project period
  • Participate in public launch event
  • Maintain the mural for 5 years


  • Submit work plan within 1 week of appointment
  • Provide 3 concept drawings based on community and stakeholder inputs
  • Completion of final wall mural
  • Provide colour codes in the event of future or significant updates required
  • Verathane coating for graffiti management

Proposal requirements

  1. Letter of intent
    1. demonstrate understanding of the neighbourhood
    2. articulate interest and approach to the project
    3. include artist contact information and bio. If it is a collaborative piece include all artists.
  2. Concept proposal
    1. A written design concept for the mural that describes preferred themes, mediums and styles. A graphic representation may be included.
  3. Portfolio and resume. Be sure to include projects of similar size and scope.
  4. The maximum budget is $5000. Please present a detailed breakdown of costs.

Selection process

Previous experience with murals of similar size and scope            20%

Artistic merit and qualifications                  30%

Proposed concept           30%

Sound budget and proven track record of delivering on time       15%

Quality and clarity of proposal presentation         5%

The selection process may include an interview, at the discretion of the Board.

Project schedule

Deadline for Submissions: July 27, 2018

Artist Selection: August 3, 2018

Community Engagement: August 10-Aug 22, 2018

Presentation of 3 concepts drawings: Sept 6

Mural Installation: Sept 16

Unveiling: mid- October TBD

Reproduction rights

The York Eglinton BIA will have irrevocable license to reproduce images of the artwork for promotional promotional purposes.

How to apply

The due date for applications is: July 27, 2018

Applications should be submitted by email in 1 or 2 pdf file attachments.

(The Portfolio can be presented in a second file.)

Email info@yorkbia.com with 2018 Mural Proposal_ Your name in the subject line.


Download print version here: YEBIA 2018 Mural RFP