The York Eglinton BIA requests submissions for the overhaul and redesign of our website. The website is primarily a marketing tool for the Business Improvement Area but should also serve as an information portal for our member businesses.

A core component of the website is a searchable business directory for which we would like functional client management (CRM) back-end.

The total allocated budget for the website and development of a CRM back-end with a publishable Word Press compatible front end directory is $7,000.

Our website is www.yorkbia.com.

Tenders are being accepted until September 30, 2018.

Expected project completion by November 16, 2018.


To develop an information portal and communication tool, for the York Eglinton BIA.

To create a comprehensive, user-friendly Word Press website and design template that serves as an effective communication and information tool, to the benefit of all end users.

To create a functional client management database of business members, stakeholders and and service providers. The CRM should have a publishable front end component, compatible with Word Press that serves as a business directory on our website.

The CRM backend is to assist with BIA internal communications and CRM –‘client management’.


  1. An easy-to-navigate website for general users who visit the area to shop, dine and access services
  2. Metrics plug-in for website analytics
  3. Published business directory with functional CRM back-end
  4. Website needs analysis, and proposed site specifications informed by staff and Board interviews and neighborhood snapshot (completed economic scan)
  5. Database needs analysis (Note: database specifications are available from the office on request)
  6. Sitemap with a fluid layout and design that is easy to navigate (and file) information
  7. User manual and training

Expected Outcomes

  • A promotional platform for relevant updated information on events, activities and promotions
  • Easy navigation from both front and back end user perspectives
  • A positive user (consumer) experience
  • Administrator friendly website template to aid consistency as new content is added
  • A functional client management database of business members to assist BIA communications and administration
  • Attractive and consistent design

Content (subject to Needs Analysis)

  • Visitors information: how to get here, where to park etc
  • Business directory: published components of CRM
  • News: updates, blog, newsfeeds
  • Events, events calendar (Note: we have several related websites from previous and on-going events that could be linked)
  • About the BIA: boundary, history, Board staff, stakeholders
  • Opportunities: rfps, event planning community outreach
  • Business members section: membership information, newsletters, board updates and programme reports etc
  • Integration with social media and blog posts
  • Contact us

Optional ad-ons and Maintenance Services

If you are able to provide any of the following as stand alone services after the completion of the website, or as a monthly service, please indicate the service and cost as an appendix to your proposal.

  • Advanced SEO
  • Website metrics and analysis
  • Support and Maintenance schedule for 1 year and 3 years (to assist with Word Press and content updates)

Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation criteria for the proposals include the following:

  1. Past performance and success on related website development projects
  2. Qualifications of the proposed Project Team demonstrating expertise, (Design team and main coordinator must be identified)
  3. Ability to demonstrate project schedule adherence (timelines, components, client consultations, key data considerations, community consultations/surveys, and methodology of research should all be identified)
  4. Understanding of the project and key deliverables.
  5. Creative approach to address web use, design and engagement
  6. Built-in measurable elements for evaluation of phases in project timelines
  7. Cost: The quote should encompass all website work as an inclusive price

Proposal Requirements

Letter of Intent: interest and approach to work

Concept proposal for the website

Portfolio and team snapshot

Budget and proposed workplan

Applications should be submitted by email with1 pdf file attachment.

Email info@yorkbia.com  with <2018 Website Proposal_Company Name> in the subject line by September 30, 2018.